About us

Our Story

The Anakena project started in 1997 in Basel, Switzerland in a pizzeria where two friends started to register domain names with the aim of reselling them or developing innovative projects.


Different projects were created by browsing the trends of the Internet. We saw the emergence of Google, Facebook and many others.


Today’s internet is very different from the one in 1997 but the Anakena project continues to adapt and evolve.

what does Anakena mean?

For millions of years, only seabirds and dragonflies lived on Rapa Nui, a tiny island that sits by itself in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Thousands of miles separate Rapa Nui (also known as Easter Island) from the nearest continent or island.


Exactly how Hota Matua and his brave seafaring companions from Polynesia were able to find that island in the vastness of the Pacific, we will never know.


But we do know that their great knowledge of the sea, their intuition, courage, and determination brought them one day to the only safe landing place on this island, a white sandy beach called Anakena.


For us at Anakena, this name symbolizes unknown places.


Sailing the vast seas of the internet, Anakena is discovering new places in the world of new technologies. For this journey, we too are dependent on our intuition, determination, and knowledge of the environment.

Our Values

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”
― Albert Einstein


Running a business that takes pride in being ethical and socially responsible is a challenge, but it has always been in our DNA.

In business, honesty isn’t only about doing things the right away, it’s also about expressing the values in which a company is founded.

At Anakena, honesty is extremely important because it builds loyalty and trust in all stakeholders.


Adapting to our digital environment is critical, but innovation, the constant search for efficient solutions and creativity offer us new opportunities every day.

We are committed to what we do, everyday.

The feeling of dedication and loyalty to our customers, suppliers and partners is what makes us different.

In other words, you can trust us.


At Anakena, we strongly believe that Passion is a differentiating factor between success and failure.

Also, we like to think that YOLO (You Only Live Once) should drive our lives.
We are passionate about what we do and how we do it.
Continuous education, curiosity, innovation, out-of-the-box thinking and lateral thinking help us create a culture of passion.

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